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Bikini Girls on Ice Trailer
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Bikini Girls on Ice

Bikini Girls on Ice

82 Phút

Quốc gia: Canada

Đạo diễn: Geoff Klein

Diễn viên: Caroline FailleChristina SciortinoCindel ChartrandDanielle DoetschIvan PericKerri TaylorSuzi LorraineTarek GaderWilliam Jarand

Thể loại: Kinh Dị

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Vietsub #1
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When a bus-load of women’s college soccer players get stranded on their way to a bikini car-wash fundraiser, they decide to set-up shop in front of an abandoned gas station on the edge of town. Little do they know the place is the stalking-grounds for a homicidal maniac mechanic named Moe.

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